Before the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court
The Honourable Mr.Justice K.Chandru

W.P (MD) No. 3026 of 2007 & 458 of 2007 and MP (MD) No. 2 of 2007

PetitionerS: S.Ovuraj
Respondents: The Manager, State Bank of India, Vilathikulam, Tuticorin Dt.
GE-WINN Management, Autorized Agent, State Bank of India, Vilathikulam, Tuticorin Dt.

Writ Petition challenging illegal seizure of tractors trailors for default of loan dues to SBI. Petitioner deprieved of his property by extra constitutional methods adpoted by bank. Bank can seek appropriate legal procedures for recovery og Loan Amount. Adoption procedure for cible seizure through recovery agents depricated following S.C Judgement in (2007) 2 C TC 334.

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