In the High Court of Judicature at Madras
The Honourable Mr.Justice P.Jyothimani
Writ Petition Nos.10310 of 2003 & 4673 of 2004

Petitioners: Mrs.M.Sasikala (Petitioner in WP.10310/2003) & R.Kayathri (Petitioner in WP.4673/2004)
Respondents: The Director of School Education, The District Educational Officer, The Secretary, Nehru National Higher Secondary School (Respondent 1 to 3 in both WPs), Mrs.R.Kayathri (Respondent 4 in WP.10310 of 2003)

The Petitioner in WP.10310 of 2003 was appointed as Post Graduate Tamil Teacher by the 3rd Respondent School by order dated 07-03-2002, when the Respondent school sent the proposal of the petitioner to educational authority the same was retuned quoting Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Educational service special rules which states that the candidate must obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master Degree in Tamil, so she was removed from service and hence WP.10310 of 2003 petition was filed and the same was dismissed.

The Petitioner in WP.4673 of 2004 & 4th Respondent in WP.10310 of 2003 obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master Degree in Tamil and was appointed by the 3rd Respondent school approached the educational authority for approval of the appointment of the petitioner. She was not granted approval due to the pendency of WP.10310 of 2003. But since petitioner in WP.4673 of 2004 has complied with all the qualification requirements. Direction was issued to the educational authority to grant approval for her appointment within eight weeks from the date of receipt of copy of this order. WP.4673 of 2004 stands allowed.

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