Before the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court
The Honourable Mr.Justice A.Selvam

C.M.A (MD) No. 538 of 2011 and MP (MD) No. 2 of 2011

PetitionerS: Arputha Sujatha
Respondents: P.Anthony Ravichandran @ Chandran

Appeal aganist judgement allowing petition for divorce u/s 10(1) (x) of Divorce Act on the ground of cruelty.
1. Due to desparity in Educational Qualification and due to refusal to transfer property in Wife’s name.
2. Police complaint given against husband on frivolous allegations – cruelty caused by Husband, grounds of cruelty made out.
3. Question of jurisdiction can be raised at appellate stage also
4. Additional District Court is not inferior to Principal District Court. Principal District Court having inherent jurisdiction to enquire into the petition on divorce.

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